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Albums by this artist:

Clive the Runner
Olympic Girls
Harp Junction
Magnificent Mr. Morgan
Nhu Golden Era
MC Arthurs Break
Brass Interruption
Magnificent Mr Morgan
Magnificient Mr. Morgan
kerma elastica (nicola conte remix)
Olympic Girls (Album Version)
Kerma Elastica
Magnificent Mr Morgen
Magnificient Mr Morgan
Olympic Girls [Album Version]
Microneseren - Cuica Latino Clash Remix
Microneseren (Cuica Latino Clash Remix)
Karin's Kerma
goi (vegetarian mix)
Clive The Runnner
Maginificant Mr Morgan
Karins Kerma Featuring Karin Krogh
Microneseren (Cuica Lationa Clash Remix)
Olympic Girls (Original Mix)
Microneseren (Pressure Drop remix)
microneseren part 2
Microneseren (Pressure Drop Mix)
Kerma Elastica (Nicola Conte Version)
Kerma Elastica (Nicola Conte Mix)
Karins kerma (feat. Karin Krog)
Magnificonet Mr Morgan
Magnificent Mr.Morgen
Eerma Elastica (Nicola Conte remix)
Karins Kerma (feat. Karin Krogh)
Bobby Hughes Combination - Olympic Girls
Karma Elastica
Karins Kerma (Featuring Karins Krogh)
Kerma Elastica 'Nicola Conte Remix'
Vocals By Karins Krogh - Karins Kerma
Magnifisent Mr. Morgan