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Albums by this artist:

Love Generation
World, Hold On
Rock This Party
Sound Of Freedom
I Feel For You
The Beat Goes On
Kiss My Eyes
Lala Song
Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now)
Someone Who Needs Me
I Feel For You (Axwell Remix)
What I want
Gym tonic
Miss Me
Give a Lil' Love
Save our soul
For You
In the Name of Love
What I want by Fireball
World, Hold On (Children of The Sky)
Sing My Song
Shining from Heaven
Back Again - Original Mix
Everybody Movin'
World, Hold On - Radio Edit
Love Generation (Club Mix)
My only love
Phasing news
Word Hold on (Children of the Sky) [Radio Edit]
Peace Song
Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now) (Bonus Track)
The Ghetto
Cinderella (She Said Her Name) - Radio Edit
New york city music
Disco 2000 selector
love generation (original mix)
Everybody Movin
Love You No More
Beat The Clock
New New New
Amora, Amor
Give a lil love
I Feel For You - Original
Cinderella (She Said Her Name)
Ultimate funk
Far l'amore
Love Generation (Radio Edit)