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You Don't Know
I've Got to Go Back Home
Games People Play
Desperate Lover
Fire Burning
The Sun Shines for Me
Sun Shines for Me
Feeling Soul
Going Home
One Woman
Honey Child
Young Gifted And Black
Crime Don't Pay
The Games People Play
Let Them Say
Dubbing Home
My Time
Too Experience
Walk A Mile In My Shoes
Baby I Need Your Loving
Since I Lost My Baby
Love This Life
Life Could Be a Symphony
Stay in My Lonely Arms
Too Experienced
I Would Be a Fool
Lay Lady Lay
Pied Piper
Too Proud to Beg
The Way I Feel
Rasta Reggae Music
I Can Win
Check It Out
Hell a Go Broke Loose
Rock It Down
Stepping Free
Unchained (Original Mix)
Patience Is the Key
United We Stand
Waste - Dub
There's a God
Save Me
Pied Piper (feat. Marcia Griffiths)
Come Of Age