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Albums by this artist:

Sleep Will Come
Don't Look Back
Wish U Were Here
Wish U Were There
Song For Olabi
Evening Sun
Time Time Time
Things Will Eventually Make Sense
Long Life To You My Friend
Remember My Name
Long Life
Wish You Were Here
The Suns Of Afterlife
Right Here
The Return
You Have Something in Your Scowl
If Heaven Closes
Quiet Letter
The Whispering Sea
Lost Soul (New Mix)
The Atlas Mountains (Reprise) - Reprise
Blissful Moment
La Mamounia Theme
Transportation Is Bliss
A Quiet Conversation
Unanswered Letters
People Among Us
Calling (feat. Sophie Barker)
A Last Meeting
Trust in Your Love (feat. Ane Brun)
A Hundred Thousand Angels
Wish U Were Here (Charles Webster Remix)
I Hear You Call
Song For Alabi
Free at Least
A Chapter in History (Main Theme Piano Version)
Don't Look Back (Fug Remix)
Absence of Fear
Life on the Rooftop
So Still (feat. Sophie Barker)
Living in Exile
They Made History (Main Title)
Mivahetsek (Feat. Lisbeth Scott)