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Albums by this artist:

Think Of You
Next Stop
Looking For A Fight
Dead in Your Head
Searching Through The Past
Wednesday Night Melody
Outta My Mind
Love Spells
Waiting By the Telephone
Dreaming Without You
Hard to Kill
You Take Time
Electric Chair
Keep On Keepin' On
Ride Your Heart
Dead Boy
Guy Like You
When I Was Yours
Sour Candy
Can You Deal?
Trying To Lose Myself Again
For The Feel
Kiss You Goodbye
Shitty Ballet
Wasted On You
Chemical Air
Desolate Town
Rebound City
Hollywood, We Did It All Wrong
I'm All Over the Place (Mystic Mama)
Heartbeat Away
No Friend Of Mine
Somebody Dial 911
Poison Ivy
Stupid Boys
I Get What I Need
Dear Trouble
Turn To Rage
Born To Kill
Silly Girl
Real Life
Valley to LA
Awkward Phase
Jingle Bells
One Second - Bonus Track
One Second