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Albums by this artist:

Doh Do It
Push It
Andre The Lion
One Slave (Dance Mix)
One Slave
Just The Way You Are
Andre The Lion (Dance Mix)
Burn Dem
Caribbean Unity
Dr. Jit
Ah feel to party
More Times
Black man music
More Come
Black Man Come Out To Party
Wait Dorothy Wait
We Can Make It
Kaiso Gone Dread
Play One
De All Season Man
You Asked For It
Better Days
One Tune Pan Man
Black Man Feeling To Party
Jah Law
Black Woman Lament
Come With It
Hard Hard Hard
Andre The Lion - Dance Mix
One Slave - Dance Mix
Respect the Steelband
What More
Look On The Bright Side
Leroy, Roy
Black Man Feeling To Party (with Shaka 1991)
mister pan maker
Vampire Year
Wait Dorothy Wait (1985)
Kaiso Music
What Consciousness
Freemdom Day
Take Your Ten
De jam
We Can Make It If WE Try (1988)
In Ah Earlier Time
Run de Head