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Albums by this artist:

Psycho Killer
Blue Tequila
Blue Mambo
Wizard Madoo
Keep on Loving On
Wet Eyes
The Murk
Dreaming a Dream
Loosing My Religion
Dona Flor
Shake Your Heart
Manhattan Skyline
Walking Freak
Manhattan Skyline (feat. Piero Odorici)
Shake Your Heart (feat. Sarah Jane Morris)
Psycho Killer (Talking Heads)
Why Can't We Be Friends
Loosing My Religion (feat. Silvia Donati)
A Better Place
In Summertime
We, the Family
Music Is Everywhere
Sunset in Grinda
Me & My Son
Walkin' Freak
Pull Down
Pull Down - LTJ Xperience Remix
Follow That Fellow
Sunset in Grinda (feat. Brad Myrick)
Pull Down (LTJ Xperience Remix)
Me and My Son
A Better Place (feat. Riccardo Phillips)
In Summertime (feat. Andy Rise)
The Black Snake
A Capoeira - Rouge Dub
I Love You So Much [Mellow Mix]
Like a Lake (Alien Trick Remix)
Like a Lake - Alien Trick Remix
We, the Family (feat. Neffa)
Like a Lake
La Capoeira Rouge Dub
Music Is Everywhere (feat. Neffa)
Shake Your Heart Featuring Sar
Shake Your Heart (From P60 Remix) [feat. Sarah Jane Morris]
Shake Your Heart - From P60 the Headloop Remix
Let Me Go
Tomorrow Will Be the Same
May In London