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Albums by this artist:

Lady (Hear Me Tonight)
El Camino
Disco Drum
New York, What's Happenin'? (feat. Kool Keith)
Killa Shit Funk (feat. G.L.A.M.)
You Ain't Gotta Bounce to This (Lean)
Do It... The Way I Do It
Freak Like Me
Good Lovin'
Touch It
Coco Puffs (Feat. u.n.i)
Alright Alright, Okay (feat. G.L.A.M.)
A Little Bit of Ecstasy
Kubrick Faked The Moon Landing
Do You Like It When I'm Freaky?
Disco Drum - Aylen Remix
Bohemian Like You (feat. Alle The Dreamer)
Power of Love
Funk in the Trunk
Mr. Vain
Tu Se Animale (feat. Justina Valentine)
Own My Own Masters
Money Money
U Nasty
Bang Bang
Stacks On My Feet
Zonin’ (feat. G.L.A.M.)
Been That Ill
Natural One
Keep My High
New York, What's Happenin'? (Instrumental)
Do The Damn Thing (feat. Blackway)
Coco - Wuki Remix
Coco (feat. U.N.I)
Glory Box
Coco - Extended Mix
Money Money - MistaJam Remix
Money Money - MistaJam Extended Dub
Coco - Instrumental
Coco Puffs (Extended Mix) [feat. u.n.i]
Killa Shit Funk
Coco Puffs {Ft. u.n.i}