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Albums by this artist:

Cannibal Dinner
The Reno Poem
Dead mum walking
The Jingle
Cool single wedding
She Is My Man
Sparkle motion
God is Gay
Baby Lemonade
I'm little retarded
Find a Romance
Flying Zirkus
My my love
Horses back
Turkey Moon
Not drunk today
Le Petit Martien
Afrodita Carambolo
Tommy, can you hear me
New York Seveille
Kinky Merengue
Trois Je T'aime
Bar Bacharach
Trees Gone Motion
The Party
I Got Dengue
Walk The Ufo
The New Pornographers
Don't Stop the Dance
Princes Naseem Hamed
Female Eunuque
Oh Yeah!!!
Troupe of Royal
Pavement Tree
Algora Campeón
King of Demo
Playboy's Theme
Mouse Mousse
Metropolitan Moog
Echo Valium
Oh Clarín
Blue Jeans
It's OK
Even if you don't know why
First Local Recording