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Albums by this artist:

Duke Lion
Blood Red Head On Fire
Mighty Penis Laser
Kali is the Sweethog
Fightin' Stance
Space Adventure
Voices in the Wall
Organ Splitter
It's Right In Here
He Rides the Skies
Zargon Moth
Jesus Retreats
You're Fucked
Magic Guillotine
Call To Worship
The Blood Maiden
The Goat is Dead
Masters Of Chaos
Where Did All The Good Guys Go?
The Ancient Gods Awaken
My Girl Daisy
Whipping The Hodeus
Munchkin War Song
Darkness Becomes
Kail Is The Sweethog
Count Her Fit
Beer And Fags
Ride The Snake
You're F****d
Naughty Boy
Greasejob 3.4
Summer Gold
Midget Porn Groove
Super Mario Theme (Techno)
Doll Fish
Blood Red Head On Fire [Album Version]
Duke Lion [Album Version]
Voices In The Wall [Album Version]
Duke Lion Fights The Terror
Kali Is The Sweethog [Album Version]
Burgalveist [Album Version]
Mighty Penis Laser [Album Version]
Organ Splitter [Album Version]