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Clean Up Woman
Shoorah Shoorah
Tonight Is The Night
Shoo-Rah! Shoo-Rah!
Pure Love
Where Is The Love
Interlude (Hallelujah)
Old Songs
Girls Can't Do What the Guys Do
After The Pain
I Love the Way You Love
If You Love Me Like You Say You Love Me
Every Breath You Take
Real Woman
Ain't No Sunshine
No Pain, (No Gain)
Let Me Be Your Lovemaker
Good Lovin'
I'm Gettin' Tired Baby
All Your Kissin' Sho' Don't Make True Lovin'
Shoorah! Shoorah!
Grapes On A Vine
I'll Love You Forever Heart And Soul
Baby Sitter
Don't Let It End This Way
Look Around (Be A Man)
In The Middle Of The Game (Don't Change The Play)
Tonight Again
Mr. Lucky
So Long, So Wrong
He's Bad, Bad, Bad
You And Me, Leroy
Baby Come Back
Whisper In The Wind
I Found That Guy
I'm Telling You Now
It's Hard to Stop (Doing Something When It's Good to You)
In the Middle of the Game (Don’t Change the Play)
Let's Not Rush Down The Road Of Love
Pure Love - Single Version
Is It You Girl
Thank You Baby
If You Think You've Got Soul
Slip and Do It
You Can't See for Lookin'
Gimme Back My Man