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Albums by this artist:

Crazy for You
When I'm With You
Our Deal
The Only Place
The End
Summer Mood
Feeling OK
I Want to
When the Sun Don't Shine
Bratty B
Up All Night
Sun Was High (So Was I)
Each and Everyday
California Nights
Why I Cry
How They Want Me to Be
No One Like You
Last Year
My Life
So Gone
Better Girl
Dreaming My Life Away
Let's Go Home
This Lonely Morning
Heaven Sent
In My Eyes
Something In The Way
I Don't Know How
Make You Mine
Wish He Was You
In My Room
I Wanna Know
Fine Without You
Each & Everyday
Fear of my identity
Do You Love Me Like You Used to
For The First Time
Do You Still Love Me Like You Used To
Feeling of Love
Over The Ocean
This Is Real
Fade Away
Distance (feat. Issa Gold & Erick The Architect)
Who Have I Become?