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A World in Despair
Of Blood and Ash
Rise of the Berzerkers
Obliterate the Weak
I Am the Legion
The Falling Dawn
The King of All Masters
Upon the Throne of Mortem
In the Name of the Father
A Lurking Evil
A lurkling evil
Obliterate the Weak OFFICIAL VIDEO
World In Despair
Death Euphoria
Death Euphoria (Bonus Track)
Death Euphoria [*]
01 Rise of the Berzerkers
02 A World In Despair
07 King Of All Masters
I Am The Legion (cd. Obliterate The Weak - 2020) [xkj]
Of Blood And Ash (cd. Obliterate The Weak - 2020) [xkm]
В мёртвом лесу
09 A Lurking Evil
08 Upon The Throne Of Mortem
Rise of the Berzerkers (Intro)
Rise Of The Berzerkers (Instrumental)
Obliterate The Weak / 2..
04 Of Blood And Ash
06 The Falling Dawn
Obliterate The eak
05 Obliterate The Weak
‎A World in Despair
King Of All Masters
10 In The Name Of The Father
11 Death Euphoria
03 I Am The Legion