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Albums by this artist:

Cinema (Skrillex Remix)
I Love My Sex
Love Is Gonna Save Us
Satisfaction (Isak Original Extended) - Benny Benassi Presents The Biz
Cinema (Radio Edit)
Able To Love
No Matter What You Do
Put Your Hands Up
Satisfaction (club mix)
Finger Food
Get Loose
Inside of Me
I Am Not Drunk
House Music
Don't Touch Too Much
Paradise - Radio Edit
Beautiful People (Zamli Summer Remix)
U Move U Rock Me
Let It Be
Come Fly Away
Change Style
Cinema - Skrillex Remix
California Dreaming 2004(remix)
Eclectic Strings
I Wanna Touch Your Soul
Here & Now
Every Single Day
Good Girl
Turn Me Up
Close to Me
LOVELIFE (with Jeremih)
Feel Alive
Satisfaction - RL Grime Remix
Satisfaction (Isak Original)
I'm Sorry
Satisfaction (Brutal Rmx by Sk
Whos Your Daddy
Cinema (Skrillex Remix) [feat. Gary Go]
Everybody Needs A Kiss
Sweet Dreams remix
Cinema feat. Gary Go - Radio Edit
Who's Your Daddy
Cinema (feat. Gary Go)
Hit My Heart
Satisfaction - Isak Original Extended