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Albums by this artist:

Secrets Of The Heart
Line Of Best Fit
Church Mouse In The Church House
You Remind Me Of Home
Farmer Chords
Bigger Than Love
Choir Vandals
Teardrop Windows
Such Great Heights
Brand New Colony
Something's Rattling (Cowpoke)
Dream Song
When The Sun Goes Down On Your Street
Lady Adelaide
A Hard One to Know
Duncan, Where Have You Gone?
Hometown Fantasy
Oh, Woe
Broken Yolk In Western Sky
The Concept
Shepherd's Bush Lullaby
Where Our Destination Lies
I'm Building a Fire
They Don't Know
Something’s Rattling (Cowpoke)
Recycled Air
Why You'd Want to Live Here
Indian Summer
I Was a Kaleidoscope
A Lack of Color
Title and Registration
And I Love Him
Keep Yourself Warm
Life in Quarantine
What You Do To Me
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
A Movie Script Ending
The Dream of Evan and Chan
Complicated (Avril Lavigne Cover)
Title Track
Recycled Air (acoustic)
Thriller (Michael Jackson Cover)
I Don't Know