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Albums by this artist:

The Ghost of Castle
A Man Looking For...
Silent Scream
I See Your Name in the Sky
Bells of Soul - I see your na
Wishes and Born
You and I
O Planeta é Morte Colorida
The Passenger
A Lenda
The Sleepwalker
Um Homem a Procura
Sinos da Alma
you And Me Lost Again
The Keepers of the Moon
Sometimes I Fall
Beyond the Montains
6- The keepers of the moon
Into the Night
The Storm
The Dance
When the Night Calls Moons
O Passageiro
My Emptiness
A New Man
2- You and I
3- I see your name in the sky
1- Wishes and born
7- Bells
A Tempestade (Rumo ao estar)
A God in your Truth
2- The passenger
The Past is Gone
4- Wizard of on old world
8- Sacrifice
The Fog
5- Sinos da alma
The Threshold of my Feeling
The Roses Request Love
10- Atmosfere
5- A thousand years
6- You and me lost again
9- The planet is colorful death