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Night of the Blasphemy
Let the Horror and Chaos Come
By the Blessing of Satan
Born in the Serpent of the Abyss
My Soul For His Glory
Demonic Fleshtemple
Sota valon jumalaa vastaan
Cathedral Of The Ultimate Void
Black Metal Baptism
And All Believers Shall Be Damned
My Stigmas Bleeding Black
Christ Forever Die
Blessed Be the Darkness
Fist of the Satanist
Towards the Father
The Flames of the Blasphemer
Rituale Satanum
Sieluni Saatanan vihasta roihuten
Saatanan varjon synkkyydessä
Cave Of The Dark Dreams
Baphomet's Call...
Celebration of Christ's Fall
Mouth of Leviathan
Watchers of My Black Temple
Under the Eye of Lord
The Poisonous Path
Wrathful Dragon Hau-Hra
Death's Black Light
Circle Me...
We Burn With Serpent Fire
Where the Devil Spoke
Awaken Tiamat
Luciferian Will
The Wand of Shadows
Rakkaudesta Saatanaan
Shining Death
Temple of the Silent Curses
Kiss of Our Dark Mother
Umbra Luciferi
A Sword of Protean Fire
Ritual of flesh & blood
beyond the shadow of my lord
Tyrant Of Luminous Darkness
Intro - the Summoning
Chalice Of The Abyssal Water
Pentagram of the Black Earth
Gallows of Inversion
Intro / The Summoning