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Albums by this artist:

Night's Sorrow
Into Oblivion
One Man Parade
March of the Dead
Mountain Of Souls
How Great Thou Art
No Fall Too Far
Beyond Adaptation
Artificial Immortality
The Trivial Paroxysm
End Of The Age
The Monolith
Construct and Collapse
Self Existent
The Ocean Walker
St. Anne's Lullaby
The Magnetic Sky
Second Death
The Resonant Frequency Of Flesh
Internal Illumination
The Time Bender
Path Of The Beam
Nocturne (Instrumental)
The Eyes of the Storm
Invisible Creature
Cardiac Rebellion
Epoch Of War (The Physics of Fire Pt 3)
The Sky Bearer
Breathing Light
The Machine Killer
The War Ender
The Planet Maker
The Great Fall (The Physics of Fire Pt 1)
The Weapon Breaker
The Sun Eater
Epoch Of War
Fire Made Flesh (The Physics of Fire Pt 2)