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Albums by this artist:

Burnt at His Altar
Satanic Supremacy
Angel of the Abyss
Pentagram Sacrifice
Beastcraft Manifest
Enthronement of the Third Antichrist
Enter the Chasm
Black Witchcraft
(Of the) Circle of Evocation
Legions of the Dark Lord
Unholy Blood Ritual
The Beast Awakens
The Whore of God
Black Altar of Death
Summoning the Great Beast
Blackwinged Messiah of Blasphemy
When the Pearly Gates are Wrapped in Flames
The Grand Conjuration of Unhallowed Spirits
Into the Burning Pit of Hell
Blackwinged Messiah
Her Highness Of Hell
Satanic Fiend
Crowning The Tyrant
Baptised In The Lake Of Fire
Torn from the Cross
Demonic Horde Of Satan Prevails
Daemon Calling
Necrofog Of Burning Christians
The Horned God Rises
Demonic Perversion
Deathcraft and Necromancy
Jehovas Likbеl
The Fall of the Impotent God
Jehovas Likbål
Reborn Beyond the Grave
Waging War on the Heavens
The Devil's Triumph
The Beast Descends
Celebration of Christ's Death
The Horned God Rises (Retitled Black Witchcraft)
Resurrection through Desecration & Churchfires
Herr Highness Hell
Satanic Blood
Death Toll
In the Hour of the Horns