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Albums by this artist:

The Shape of Things to Come
All Along the Watchtower
Main Title
God of War
A Good Lighter
Battlestar Operatica
Wander My Friends
Helo Chase
Dance of the Druids (feat. Raya Yarbrough)
The Olympic Carrier
Kobol's Last Gleaming
Helo in the Warehouse
Outlander - The Skye Boat Song (Castle Leoch Version) [feat. Raya Yarbrough]
Two Funerals
Helo Rescued
Main Title (UK version)
Starbuck Takes on All Eight
The Thousandth Landing
Baltar Panics
Baltar Speaks with Adama
Starbuck on the Red Moon
Prelude to War
Something Dark Is Coming
Flesh and Bone
Two Boomers
Boomer Flees
Battle on the Asteroid
The Card Game
Roslin and Adama
Kara Remembers
Battlestar Muzaktica
Main Title Theme Song (UNKLE Remix) - The Walking Dead Soundtrack
The Dinner Party
A Promise to Return
Worthy of Survival
Martial Law
Memories of Mother
Baltar's Dream
One Year Later
Reuniting the Fleet
Standing in the Mud
Escape from the Farm