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Albums by this artist:

The Roller
Bring the Light
Four Letter Word
Beatles and Stones
For Anyone
The Beat Goes On
Flick of the Finger
Wind Up Dream
Kill for a Dream
Standing on the Edge of the Noise
Three Ring Circus
The Morning Son
Second Bite of the Apple
Soul Love
Iz Rite
Face the Crowd
Shine a Light
I'm Just Saying
Soon Come Tomorrow
Start Anew
Don't Brother Me
Ballroom Figured
Dreaming of Some Space
Back After the Break
Off at the Next Exit
The World's Not Set in Stone
Sons of the Stage
World Outside My Room
Man of Misery
Girls in Uniform
Evil Eye
Two of a Kind
In the Bubble With a Bullet
Across the Universe
Sons Of The Stage (Bonus Track)
the morning sun
Blue Moon
Shine A Light - Radio Edit
The World’s Not Set In Stone
The World's Not Set In Stone (Bonus Track)
Evil Eye (Bonus Track)
Girls In Uniform (Bonus Track)
Cry Baby Cry
World Outside My Room [Bonus]
Sons of the Stage [Bonus]
Too Cool For School