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Boten Anna
All I Ever Wanted
Now You're Gone
Russia Privjet
Angel in the Night
Boten Anna - Radio Edit
Professional Party People
Vi sitter i Ventrilo och Spelar DotA
I Miss You
I Can Walk on Water
Strand Tylösand
In Her Eyes
DotA - radio edit
Every Morning
Boten Anna (Radio Edit)
Please Don't Go
Welcome to Rainbow
I'm Your Bass Creator
Boten Anna (instrumental)
Bass Creator
Dream Girl
I'm Your Basscreator
Love You More
I Promised Myself
DotA (Radio Edit)
Now You're Gone (Radio Edit)
Hello There
Russian Privjet
All I Ever Wanted (Radio Edit)
Saturday - Radio Edit
We Are the Waccos
The Beat
Between the Two of Us
utan stjärnorna
Patrik och Lillen - Vifta med händerna (basshunter remix)
I can walk on water, I can fly
Now You're Gone - Radio Edit
Var Är Jag
Vi Sitter I Ventrilo Och Spelar Dota (Extended Version)
Festfolk (2006 Remix)
Mellan Oss Tvaa
Don't Walk Away
Hallaa Där
Fest i hela huset