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Boten Anna
All I Ever Wanted
Now You're Gone
Russia Privjet
Angel in the Night
Professional Party People
Boten Anna - Radio Edit
Vi sitter i Ventrilo och Spelar DotA
I Miss You
I Can Walk on Water
Strand Tylösand
In Her Eyes
Every Morning
DotA - radio edit
Boten Anna (Radio Edit)
Please Don't Go
Welcome to Rainbow
I'm Your Bass Creator
Boten Anna (instrumental)
I'm Your Basscreator
Bass Creator
Dream Girl
Love You More
I Promised Myself
DotA (Radio Edit)
Now You're Gone (Radio Edit)
Hello There
Russian Privjet
All I Ever Wanted (Radio Edit)
Saturday - Radio Edit
We Are the Waccos
The Beat
Between the Two of Us
utan stjärnorna
Patrik och Lillen - Vifta med händerna (basshunter remix)
I can walk on water, I can fly
Var Är Jag
Vi Sitter I Ventrilo Och Spelar Dota (Extended Version)
Festfolk (2006 Remix)
Mellan Oss Tvaa
Now You're Gone - Radio Edit
Don't Walk Away
Hallaa Där
Fest i hela huset