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Albums by this artist:

Hymn to Red October (Main Title)
Atlantean Sword
The Gift of Fury
Riddle of Steel / Riders of Doom
The Search
Theology / Civilization
Main Title
Love Theme
Klendathu Drop
The Funeral Pyre
Putin's Demise
Nuclear Scam
Plane Crash
Column of Sadness / Wheel of Pain
Anvil of Crom
Two Wives
Orphans of Doom / The Awakening
The Orgy
Battle of the Mounds
Prologue / Anvil of Crom
Red Route I
Wheel of Pain
Gift of Fury
Mountain of Power Procession
Funeral Pyre
The Tree of Woe
Death of Rexor
Ancestral Aid
Battle Of The Mounds Pt. 1
Rock Shop
Riddle Of Steel - Riders Of Doom
Main Titles
Destruction of Roger Young
Theology - Civilization
The Leaving - The Search
Orphans Of Doom - The Awakening
Fed Net March
Tango Urilla
Riddle of Steel/Riders of Doom
The Kitchen - The Orgy
They Will Win
Wifeing (Theme of Love)
Hopper Canyon
The Anvil of Crom (From "Conan the Barbarian") [feat. Larry Hopkins]
Valeria Remembered
Elite Guard Attacks