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Dancing on a Saturday Night
Do you wanna dance
Dancin' On A Saturday Night
Dancin' (On A Saturday Night)
(Dancin’) On A Saturday Night
Do You Wanna Dance?
(Dancing) On a Saturday Night
Christmas Moon
School Love
Miss Hit And Run
Hot Shot
One Way Ticket (To The Blues)
Dancin' on a Saturday Night - Rerecorded
Dancing On A Saturday Knight
Hi-Cool Woman
Dancin’ (On a Saturday Night)
Heads I Win, Tails You Lose
Change It Up
Makin' It
Rosetta Stone
Ooh I Do
Dancing (On a Saturday Night)
Don't Wanna Be Blue
Behind My Eyes
Back To The Wall
dancin on a saturday night
The Girl Next Door
Queen Of Hearts
If I Show You I Can Dance
Pay At The Gate
Hobo Man
Don't Put Your Money On My Horse
Tip Of My Tongue
Tough Kids
Problem Child
New Day
Devil’s Gun
Devil's Gun
Don’t Wanna Be Blue
Dancin' on a Saturday Night - Alternative Version
A Trick Of The Light
Kiss Me Kiss Your Baby
When Winter Kept Us Warm
Dancin' (On A Saturdaynight)
On A Saturday Night
Lifejacket Round My Heart
You Make Me Happy (When I'm Blue)
Bedroom Secrets