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Albums by this artist:

Pretty Wild Bride
I'll Tell Me Ma
Wild Rover
Whiskey in the Jar
All for Me Grog
More Pipes
Dear Richard's Wake
Whiskey to the Sea
Tartan Is the Colour of My True Love's Hair
What's up Yours
Modern Pirates
Nancy Drinks Tequila
Juice of the Barley
Tim Finegan's Wake
Real Old Mountain Dew
Jig Set
Rosin the Bow
Scottish Samba
What's Up Yours?
Weekend Irish
Tippin' It Up to Nancy
Fiddler's Green
Misty Mornings Miss'd
Sally Garden
Hi Drive
Dear Ould Ireland
Love With a Priest
Mush Mush
Pour That Whiskey
Muckle John
Beauty and the Rum
Banjo Breakdown
Nancy Whiskey
Scottish Green
Skulduggery Street
Get Your Irish On
Jig of Slurs/Taylor's Fancy
Donnie Scot
Hard Life of Ivan MacRae
Stack of Barley/Roxborough Castle
Drunken Sailor
Celtic Girl
Connemara Ground
Drunkard's Ambassadors