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Albums by this artist:

Open One Eye
Holler for My Holiday
I Am Not A Machine
At The Party
Tiffany I'm Sorry
We Beat Our Chests
To The Lions
Who Are You?
Block It Out
Paint The City
I'm Not A Machine (NME Master 2)
Talk to Me Germany
Man Made Man
Tiffany... I'm Sorry
Battleships (Baddies V's Vandal Remix)
Mind Machines
Excess Energy
The Lightmen
These animals
Star Surfing
Little Scissors
At The Party (Demo)
Tiger Face
Talk to Me Germany (Radio Edit)
Test Yourself
German Version - Wir Schlagen Unsere Brust
Bronto (2012)
Wir Schlagen Unsere Brust
A Deal With The Devil
English Version - We Beat Our Chests
Remix - We Beat Our Chest (Tabletop Joe Remix)
Battleships Rework - Atephoald vs Rich Willison's Remote Orchestra
Open One Eye - Radio Edit
Tiffany... Im Sorry (Live from Sos)
We Beat Our Chests Remix
Open One Eye (Live from Sos)
One Eye Open
Open One Eye (Radio Edit)
Colin (Demo)
Battleships (Live from Sos)
A Diet Of Worms
Join The Rats
Bronto (Radio Edit)