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Albums by this artist:

Fast Lane
Above the Law
Welcome 2 Hell
Take from Me
The Reunion
Living Proof
Lighters (feat. Bruno Mars)
Scary Movies (feat. Eminem & Royce 5'9
Loud Noises
I’m On Everything
I'm on Everything (feat. Mike Epps)
Loud Noises (feat. Slaughterhouse)
All I Think About
Lighters (Feat Bruno Mars)
Scary Movies
Im on Everything Feat Mike Epps
I'm On Everything
Loud Noises Feat Slaughterhouse
I'm On Everything (Feat Mike Epps)
Lighters - Album Version (Edited)
Loud Noises (Feat Slaughterhouse)
Lighters ft. Bruno Mars
Lighters (Explicit Edit)
Fast Lane (Dirty)
Lighters (Ft. Bruno Mars)
Nuttin' To Do
Living Proof (Bonus Track)
Fast Lane ft. Eminem, Royce Da 5'9
Echo (feat. Liz Rodriguez)
Scary Movies - Street Version
Scary Moves
Lighters feat. Bruno Mars
Scary Movies (Street Version)
Fast Lane - Album Version (Edited)
Echo (Bonus Track)
Lighters - Explicit Version
Fast Lane (Album Version (Explicit))
Echo (Feat. Liz Rodrigues)
Nuttin' To Do (Street Version)
Loud Noises feat. Slaughterhouse
Welcome 2 Hell - Album Version (Edited)
Nuttin' To Do - Street Version
1 Welcome 2 Hell
2 Fastlane
I'm On Everything feat. Mike Epps