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Bad Company
Can't Get Enough
Shooting Star
Feel Like Makin' Love
Ready For Love
Movin' On
Feel Like Making Love
Rock Steady
Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy
Feel Like Makin' Love - 2015 Remastered Version
Bad Company (remastered album version)
Feel like Makin' Love - 2015 Remaster
Bad Company - 2015 Remaster
Planet Dust
Feel Like Makin' Love (Remastered Album Version)
If You Needed Somebody
Deal With the Preacher
Good Lovin' Gone Bad
Run With the Pack
The Nine
Bad Company - 2015 Remastered Version
Don't Let Me Down
Burnin' Sky
The Way I Choose
Holy Water
Can't Get Enough - Remastered Version
She Brings Me Love
Shooting Star - 2015 Remastered Version
Shooting Star - 2015 Remaster
Silver, Blue and Gold
Live For The Music
Can't Get Enough (Remastered Album Version)
Honey Child
Crazy Circles
All Right Now
Simple Man
Can't Get Enough - 2015 Remaster
Wild Fire Woman
Weep No More
Shooting Star (Remastered Album Version)
Can't Get Enough of Your Love
Young Blood
How About That
Electric Land
Walk Through Fire
Gone, Gone, Gone
Do Right By Your Woman
Stranger Stranger