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Do It ('Til You're Satisfied)
Now That We've Found Love
Have Some Fun
Do it
Peace Pipe
Once You Get It
Does It Feel Good
Do It (Til You're Satisfied)
Give It What You Got
Energy Level
Keep It Up
Funky Music
Do you like it
This Must Be the Night for Love
Takin' Off
Star Child
Energy to Burn
Whatcha Think About That?
Give Up the Funk (Let's Dance)
This House Is Smokin'
Shady Sunset
Depend On Yourself
Make your body move
The Triple
Slow Boogie Burn
What You Do in the Dark
B+t Jam
Do It ('til Your Satisfied)
We Got It Together
She Ropes Me In
Mental Telepathy
That's What I Want For You Baby
Just Can't Stop Dancin'
Everything Good To You (Ain't Always Good For You)
Heart Of Fire
Track #9
If It Don't Turn You On
Feel My Heart Breaking
Time Tunnel
Planet Ohm
Do It Till Your Satisfied
Dancin' Dream
Shout It Out
Summertime in the Country
This House Is Smoking
If It Don't Turn You On (You Oughta Leave It Alone)