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No. 9. Syncopation I
No. 5. 6 Unison Melodies V
No. 102. Harmonics
Quasi adagio
Swineherd's Dance
Rapsodia para violín nº 2 - Moderato
Rapsodia para violín nº 1 - Moderato
No. 64. Line against Point (versions A and B)
Concierto para violín nº 2 - Andante tranquillo
Concierto para violín nº 2 - Allegro non troppo
Rapsodia para violín nº 1 - Allegretto moderato
No. 49. Crescendo - Diminuendo
Rapsodia para violín nº 2 - Allegro moderato
III. Slovakian Peasant's Dance
Roman nepi tancok (Romanian Folk Dances), BB 68: Romanian Folk Dances, Sz 56
Nos. 28-30: Andante, molto rubato - Canon (Allegro non troppo) - Bagpipe II (Vivace)
No. 113. Bulgarian Rhythm I.
Symphony In A Major, K 201
Bartok Concerto for Orchestra, Introduction
I. Peasant Song
Romanian Folk Dances
6 Romanian Folk Dances, BB 68
I. Lassu: Moderato
Arab Dal (Arabian Song)
Concierto para violín nº 2 - Allegro molto
Music For Strings, Percussion And Celesta (1936) Sz 106
Bagpipers: Molto moderato
Concerto for Orchestra
3 Hungarian Folksongs from the Csìk District, BB 45b, Sz. 35a
Slovakian Dance
Romanian Folkdances
Concerto for Orchestra, Sz. 116, BB 123: V. Finale - Presto
14 Bagatelles, BB 50, Sz. 38 (Op.6): 6. Lento
Concerto For Orchestra, Bb 123: I. Introduzione: Andante Non Troppo - Allegro Vivace
Allegro barbaro
No. 40. In Yugoslav Style
I. Allegretto
I. Allegro
For Children Vol. 1, Sz. 42: No. 3 Quasi adagio
Mikrokosmos, Book 4, BB 105: No. 105. Game (with two five-tone scales)
No. 123. Staccato and Legato II (versions A & B)
Allegro Molto
Vol. 5 No. 133: Syncopation (Allegro)
Bear Dance: Moderato
No. 104. Wandering through the Keys (versions A and B)
Piano Concerto No. 3, Sz. 119, BB 127: II. Adagio religioso