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Albums by this artist:

Whip the Whore
Devil's Stigmata
For Satan My Blood
Anti-Human, Anti-God
Screamin' Legions Death Metal
Beast Inside
Destroy Yourself
I Hate Your Kind
Intoxicated by Goat Vomit
Goathorned's Revenge
Sacrifice of Blood
Praise the Beast
Supreme Reign Of Tiamat
Angels' Assassins
Baptized in Sperm of the Antichrist
Earthly Morgue
Queen of the Sabbath
Crushing Hammer of the Antichrist
Unholy Trinity
Throne of Skulls
Firebreath of Blasphemy and Scorn
Obey the Flesh
Under The Will Of The Lord
Demon Speed
Awaiting Eternity of Fire
Legacy of Tyrant Goat
Holy Possession
Nuclear Revelation
Deathstorms Raid The Earth
Behold The Satan's Sword
Deathlike Silence
Damned to Hell
The Abjection
False God / Burn in Hell
Harvester Of Flames
Heavens Light Demise
Nightskies Burial Ground
Infested with Sin
Joy of Mutilation
Lucifer's Rising
Born to Rot
Taedium Vitae
The Triumph of Ascending Majesty