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Albums by this artist:

Day Three: Pain
Day Sixteen: Loser
Day Two: Isolation
Day One: Vigil
Day Eleven: Love
Day Seven: Hope
Day Five: Voices
Day Six: Childhood
Day Eight: School
Day Four: Mystery
Day Ten: Memories
Day Nine: Playground
Day Twelve: Trauma
Day Thirteen: Sign
Liquid Eternity
Day Eighteen: Realization
Day Fourteen: Pride
Day Twenty: Confrontation
Ride the Comet
Day Seventeen: Accident?
Day Nineteen: Disclosure
River of Time
Connect the Dots
Day Fifteen: Betrayal
Web of Lies
Beneath the Waves
Waking Dreams
Eyes of Time
The Truth Is in Here
Newborn Race
Unnatural Selection
Computer Eyes
The Sixth Extinction
Age of Shadows
Sail Away to Avalon
Temple of the Cat
The Awareness
Isis and Osiris
My House on Mars
Welcome to the New Dimension
Into the Black Hole
Nature's Dance
The Charm of the Seer
Valley of the Queens
Dawn of a Million Souls
The Castle Hall
Time Beyond Time