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Albums by this artist:

I Was Born For This
The Call
The Road of Trials
First Confluence
Second Confluence
Third Confluence
Final Confluence
Fourth Confluence
Fifth Confluence
The Crossing
To Know, Water
Huddled in the Shadows
Then Were Created the Gods in the Midst of Heaven
We Will Not Be Forgotten
And the Earth Did Not yet Bear a Name
Delphinus Delphis
Heaven Was Not Named
Seriola Lalandi
How Did It Come to This?
Three Days to Cross
No Tree Grows to the Sky
Cut with a Keen-Edged Sword
Only the Sun Has Stopped
Little Did They Sleep
Elasmosaurus Platyurus
Waltzing on Rooftops and Cobblestones
No Field Was Formed
Teach Us Luck
Caranx Ignobilis
Balaenoptera Musculus
A Long Walk Stills Our Hearts
Walls No Man Has Seen
No Destinies Ordained
There Is No Bad Weather
No Life Goes Forever Unbroken
An Unblinking Eye
Embers in the Wind
Weary the Weight of the Sun
Thunder Before Lightning
A Sunken City
The Egg Cracks