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On to Something Good
Weed Instead of Roses
Like a Rose
Hands On You
The Blade
Two Weeks Late
You Got Me
The Morning After
Monroe Suede
She's Driving Me Out Of Your Mind
I Don't Wanna Be
I Don't Want To
Can't Let Go
I Buried Your Love Alive
Pain Pain
Hank's Cadillac
Wild Love
Let Me Down Again
Make Room At The Bottom
You Ain't Dolly [And You Ain't Porter] - Duet with Blake Shelton
Winning Streak
Weight Of The Load
Has Anybody Ever Told You
That's Why We Call Each Other Baby
Hard On a Heart
If Love Was Fair
If The Devil Don't Want Me
From Time To Time
I'm Good At Leavin'
Paying Attention
He Ain't Coming Back
Mother's Daughter
Keys to the Kingdom
I'm Trying To
Daddy I Told You
This Heaven
She Wakes Me Up (Rescue Me)
You Ain't Dolly (And You Ain't Porter) [Duet With Blake Shelton]
You Ain't Dolly (And You Ain't Porter) (Duet With Blake Shelton)
Pretty Saro
The Storms Are On the Ocean