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Albums by this artist:

In Dying Days
My Fears Have Become Phobias
Hester Prynne
The Brighter Side Of Suffering
Pouring Reign
Legends Never Die
Strife (Chug Chug)
Beneath The Surface
The Beautiful Mistake
Angel City Gamble
King Of Thieves
Echoes Of An Era
Before The Break Of Dawn
Innocent Massacre
A New Begining
Open Your Mind
City Limits
Diamonds Aren't Forever
Ground Zero
All Or Nothing
With Greater Heights
Till the break of dawn
Destroying What Doesn't Matter
Survival Rites
Survival Rights
In Dying Days
My Fears Have Become Phobia
Air Force One
Air Force One (Feat. Garret of Martyrdom)
Air Force One Instrumental
Untitled 1