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That's Us/Wild Combination
This Is How We Walk on the Moon
Soon-to-Be Innocent Fun/Let's See
Answers Me
Get Around to It
Close My Eyes
Tone Bone Kone
Lucky Cloud
The Platform on the Ocean
Hiding Your Present From You
Make 1,2
Being It
Place I Know / Kid Like You
Arm Around You
Wax the Van
I Couldn't Say It to Your Face
All-Boy All-Girl
She's the Star / I Take This Time
Let's Go Swimming
The Deer in the Forest Part 1
You and Me Both
Keeping Up
Nobody Wants a Lonely Heart
A Little Lost
Goodbye Old Paint
Calling Out of Context
Maybe She
Your Motion Says
Love Is Overtaking Me
Hop on Down
Habit of You
You Can Make Me Feel Bad
Oh Fernanda Why
Time Away
I Like You!
Home Away From Home
Planted a Thought
In the Light of the Miracle
Tower of Meaning / Rabbit's Ear / Home Away From Home
Our Last Night Together
You Did It Yourself
The Name of the Next Song
Another Thought
Happy Ending
Hey! How Does Everybody Know
Canvas Home