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Albums by this artist:

I Want Your Soul
Into Your Eyes
You Don't Know Me
U Don't Know Me
Hear My Name
The Funk Phenomena
When the Lights Go Down
U Don't Know Me (feat. Duane Harden)
Necessary Evil
Hear My Name (feat. Spalding Rockwell)
I Want Your Soul (Radio Edit)
Full Moon
I Want Your Soul (Fake Blood Remix)
You Don't Know Me (Feat. Duane Harden) - Radio Edit
My My My (radio edit)
When The Lights Go Down (Trophy Twins Digital Dub Remix)
Sugar (feat. Jessy Moss)
I Need A Painkiller
Je T'aime
My My My 2006 (Stonebridge Remix)
A Track Called Jack
The Boogie Monster
Witch Doktor
I Want Your Soul - Radio Edit
Hot City Nites
I Need A Painkiller - Armand Van Helden Vs. Butter Rush
Hear My Name (original club mix)
You Don't Know Me (feat. Duane Harden)
Nympho (feat. Virgin Killer)
I Want Your Soul (TV Rock Remix)
My My My - Radio Edit
Full Moon (feat. Common)
Je T'aime (feat. Nicole Roux)
Come Play With Me (feat. Creme Blush)
Touch Your Toes (feat. Fat Joe & BL)
Sugar (Paper Faces Remix)
Jenny (feat. Spalding Rockwell)
Hey Baby, Old School 1
Breakdancers Call
Funk Phenomena 2k