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Albums by this artist:

Nightdrive With You
Above Your Head
Never Ending Romance Disaster
Nightdrive With You (Fear of Tigers remix)
Endless Summer
Try Me
Waiting For Your Phone Call
Sunday Night Fever
Long Distance Hearts
Midnight Stars
Don't Be Afraid (Feat. Sally Shapiro)
Long Hot Summer Night
Nightdrive With You (Adeyhawke Remix)
Can't Stop
You Taste Like Cherry
Crazy Eyes
Midnight Sunset
Cloud | Rain | Love
Behind Your Shades
Here You Go
Evolve (feat. Lydmor)
Nightdrive With You - Fear Of Tigers Rmx
Nightdrive With You (GRUM Remix)
We Lost (feat. Slow Shiver)
Morning Light
Dolphins & highways (feat. Siobhan Wilson)
Nightdrive with You (Fear Of Tigers Remix) - Bonus Track
Never Ending Romance Disaster (NERD)
Odds Are Good
Sunrise to Sunset
Guest Star
Last Call
Summer is Over
Falling Apart
Try me - RAC mix
Made up
We Lost (feat. Slow Shiver) - LEFTI Remix
Heart Out
Under the Sea
Living on a tape
Nightdrive With You (sayCeT Remix)
Teenage Color (Anoraak Remix) - College
Make It Better
Hello Again
Nightdrive With You (Jupiter Remix)