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Albums by this artist:

What Have I Done
To Be Gone
I'll Follow You Tonight
Girl Laying Down
Better Be
Lovers Dream
Today Is A Good Day
Such A Lonely Soul
The Longer The Waiting (The Sweeter The Kiss)
My Secret
A French Love
I Say No
No Subtle Men
Halfway To Fivepoints
My Heart Still Beats For You
Bring Down Like I
Shoreline - Radio Version
A Voice To Calm You Down
No, I Don't Remember
Somebody's Outside
Damaged Ones
Calling Love
Tribute To Linn
You Mean Nothing To Me Anymore
Feels Like Sand
Let It Rain
One To Blame
Black Sunday Afternoon
Summer Rain
Walking Aimlessly
Little Lies
Losing You
Off The Road
Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely
China Girl
Solitary Move
When Tomorrow Comes
Bow Your Head
Ghost of a Man
A French Love (Naked Version)
What Remains?
The Ones They Blame
To Be Gone (Naked Version)
Black Widow
Black Light Shines