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Albums by this artist:

I Engineer
Room To Move
Let Him Go
I Want You
Calling It Love
Strange Behavior
Everything's Leading To You
Holding You
Obsession (U.S. 12')
Obsession (Dance mix)
Obsession (12 Inch Remix Version)
Staring Down the Demons
Obsession - 12 Inch Remix Version
Turn Around
Obsession (US 12")
Fun Fun Fun
Strange Behaviour
Last Time
Run to Me
Open Door
Out of Control
Stealing Time
Obsession (US 12" Mix)
Obsession - Extended
Obsession (U.S. 12")
Obsession (12'' Remix Version)
The Essence
One Step Ahead
Obsession (Club Mix)
Obsession - `80s Weight Loss Workout Mix
House Of Love
I Engineer (Remix)
Message Of Love
Best Mistake
Obsession [12" Remix Version]
Not Your Lover
Raise Your Expectations
They Can't Touch You
I Engineer (12 Inch Remix Version)
Bad Review
Obsession (12" remix version)
Love You Better
Mah Na Mah Na - From "The Muppet Show"
Animotion - Obsession