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Albums by this artist:

Victimize Yourself
Antichristian Nuclear Shitlust
Onward to Dungeons of Death
Deus Mortem
Demonic Dominion
Is it Worth Waiting for the Death Call?
Necrosadistic Masturbation Upon the Mary's Disemboweled Corpse
Rebirth in Sodomy, Rebirth in Suffering (the Symphony of Sin)
Prometheus Coprophagus
Fecal Daemon
The Gospel of Debauchery
Celebracja ascezy
The Promethean Burden
Cum On Christ
No Glory In Heaven
Proclamation of Reign of the Antichrist
Towards the Black Throne at the Centre of Chaos
Insulter of Heavenly Whore
Those Who Don't Wear The Devil's Mark Shall Burn In Crematories of Eternal Hell
Nuclear Lucifer
My Blood and Flesh Belong to Hell
Dawn of the Black Shining Moon
Der Hurenbork Von Sancta Sedes
To Jesus Christ And All Of His Servants
Defile the Cross
Sadistic Rape
Black Communion Of Abhorrent Gods Of Universe
Feast in the Blood
Shadow Of Dispair
Death to Christianity
The Grand Coronation Of Apocalyptic Pain
Uprising Lucifer
The Promethean Blood
The Gate Of Nanna (Beherit Cover)
Praise The Fall Of God
Through Abomination 'Till Ecstasy
I Hail His Name
Numinous Ascension Into A Black Hole
His Light Shines Upon Me
The Gate Of Nanna
Blend Into Satan
Void of the Abyss
Your Life Is Cursed
Der Hurenbock von Sancta Sedes
W Obrzydliwosci i Bluznierstwie Oddajemy Sie Rozkoszy
W obrzydliwo┼Ťci i blu┼║nierstwie oddajemy sie rozkoszy
Morbid Death Terror