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Albums by this artist:

Twin Peaks Theme
Laura Palmer's Theme
Twin Peaks Theme - Instrumental
Audrey's Dance
Dance of the Dream Man
Freshly Squeezed
Red Bats With Teeth
The Bookhouse Boys
Into the Night
Love Theme from Twin Peaks
Laura Palmer's Theme - Instrumental
Night Life in Twin Peaks
The Nightingale
Dub Driving
The Pink Room
Haunting & Heartbreaking
Audrey's Dance - Instrumental
Twin Peaks Theme (instrumental)
Fred & Renee Make Love
Fats Revisited
Fred's World
Dance Of The Dream Man - Instrumental
The Bookhouse Boys - Instrumental
Freshly Squeezed - Instrumental
Audrey's Dance (Instrumental)
The Pine Float
Laura Palmer's Theme (instrumental)
Mulholland Drive
Moving Through Time
Sycamore Trees
Love Theme From Twin Peaks - Instrumental
Don't Do Anything (I Wouldn't Do)
Theme From Twin Peaks-Fire Walk With Me
The Voice of Love
Night Life In Twin Peaks - Instrumental
Main Title
Dance of the Dream Man (Instrumental)
The Chair
The Black Dog Runs at Night
Freshly Squeezed (Instrumental)
A Real Indication
Best Friends
The Bookhouse Boys (Instrumental)
The Nightingale (Vocal by Julee Cruise)
Into the Night (Vocal by Julee Cruise)
Falling (Vocal by Julee Cruise)
Laurens Walking