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Rock Me Gently
Baby I Love You
Be My Baby
Oh, Pretty Woman
Baby, I Love You
Mary Ann
Fire, Baby I'm On Fire
Hang Up Those Rock'n Roll Shoes
Shoot 'em up, Baby
Sister Ok
How'd We Ever Get This Way
Rainbow Ride
So Good Together
I Hear You Say (I Love You Baby)
Baby You're All I Got
Longest Time
Why Can't I
It's Emotional
Sail On
Heaven Without a Gun
You Are My Everything
Good Good Mornin'
Who Came First
Baby You're All Got
Rock Me Gently Part II
(I've) Been Here Before
Songs I Can Sing Ya
And I Will Sing You To Sleep
Forest Green
Fire Baby, I'm On Fire
Rock Me Gently (part II)
Tricia Tell Your Daddy
Andy Kim - Baby I Love You
Here Comes The Morning
Sugar Sugar
Gee Girl
It's Your Life
Shoot'em up Baby
Here Comes The Mornin'
Love That Little Woman
I Wish I Were
Rock Me Gently - Original Version
A Friend in the City
You Got Style
I Been Moved
Ordinary Kind Of Girl