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Albums by this artist:

House of Sleep
Black Winter Day
Silver Bride
Silent Waters
The Smoke
Into Hiding
From the Heaven of My Heart
Thousand Lakes
Sky Is Mine
Drowned Maid
The Castaway
Two Moons
Brother Moon
Leaves Scar
My Kantele
Born From Fire
Under A Soil And Black Stone
Magic and Mayhem
First Doom
Weaving The Incantation
Her Alone
Towards And Against
Perkele (The God Of Fire)
A Servant
I Of Crimson Blood
In the Beginning
Against Widows
Empty Opening
Majestic Beast
The White Swan
The Way
My Sun
Forgotten Sunrise
Black River
Highest Star
Better Unborn
On Rich and Poor
Course of Fate
From Earth I Rose
The Bee
Exile of the Sons of Uisliu
Death Of A King
Drifting Memories
You I Need