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Archie, Marry Me
Adult Diversion
Next of Kin
Party Police
Dreams Tonite
Ones Who Love You
In Undertow
Atop a Cake
The Agency Group
Red Planet
Not My Baby
Plimsoll Punks
Your Type
Lollipop (Ode to Jim)
Saved by a Waif
Forget About Life
Already Gone
Underneath Us
Underneath Us (Australian Bonus Track)
One Who Love You
Full Performance (Live on KEXP)
Underneath Us (Bonus Track)
Lollipop Ode to Jim
Save By A Waif
Pecking Order
Supine Equine
New Haircut
Atop a Cake (2014)
Party Police [Alvvays 2014]
Party Police (Live on KEXP)
Archie, Marry Me (In session for Amazing Radio)
Archie, Marry Me (Live on KEXP)
"Archie, Marry Me"
Ones Who Love You (Live on KEXP)
Ones Who Love You (2014)
Archie, Marry Me (800% Slower)
Next of Kin (2014)
Red Planet (2014)
Archie, Marry Me (live session on NPR Music's World Cafe)
Party Police (live session on NPR Music's World Cafe)
Ones Who Love You (The RadioBDC Sessions)
Dream Tonite
Antisocialites ALBUM REVIEW
Ones Who Loved You
Adult Diversion (live session on NPR Music's World Cafe)