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Rock Steady
Ain't That Loving You
I'm Still in Love
What Does It Take (To Win Your Love)
Breaking Up
La La Means I Love You
Why Birds Follow Spring
I'm Still in Love With You
Willow Tree
It's A Shame
Baby I Love You
Dance Crasher
Can I Change My Mind
Girl I've Got A Date
Remember That Sunday
I Am Still In Love With You
Blackman's Word (Black Man's Pride)
If I Could Rule This World
I Don't Want To Be Right
I'll Be Waiting
Black Man's World - aka "Black Man, White Man"
You Make Me So Very Happy
You Make Me Happy
Cry Tough
All My Tears Come Rolling
My Willow Tree
Sunday Coming
Hurting Me
Reason In The Sky
You've Made Me So Very Happy
Play It Cool
These Eyes
Let Him Try
Working On A Groovy Thing
The Picture Was You
You Made Me So Very Happy
I'm just a guy
I Can't Stop Now
Sitting in the Park
What Does It Take To Win Your Love
Blessings Of Love
Big Bad Boy
What Does it Take
It's True
Too Late To Turn Back Now
Gonna Take a Miracle
Lord Deliver Us
Cry Not For Me
Alton's Groove