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Albums by this artist:

This Calling
Two Weeks
Not Alone
The Air That I Breathe
We Stand
Become The Catalyst
The Weak Willed
Forever In Your Hands
The Last Time
Empty Inside
The Deepest Gray
And Death in My Arms
Before The Damned
It Dwells In Me
This Darkened Heart
Days Without
Whispers (I Hear You)
Focus Shall Not Fail
Vicious Betrayal
A Song For The Hopeless
Regret Not
Tattered On My Sleeve
Do Not Obey
I Die In Degrees
For Salvation
Behind Silence and Solitude
What If I Was Nothing
For We Are Many
Believe In Nothing
From These Wounds
The Waiting One
Some Of The People, All Of The Time
Won't Go Quietly
Now Let Them Tremble...
One Belief
Home To Me
From The Outside
Aggressive Opposition