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Albums by this artist:

No More, My Lawd
Old Alabama
Murder's Home
Black Woman
Prettiest Train
Early In The Mornin'
Jumpin' Judy
All the Pretty Little Horses
Levee Camp Holler
Tangle Eye Blues
Whoa Buck
Prison Blues
Old Dollar Mamie
How I Got in the Penitentiary
It Makes a Long Time Man Feel Bad
What Makes A Work Song Leader?
Rambling Gambler
Lonesome Blues
Penitentiary Blues
Rock Me Mama
They'll Miss Me When I'm Gone
Duckin' And Dodgin'
My Baby Got to Go
I'm Bound to Follow the Longhorn Cows
Didn't Leave Nobody But The Baby
Lord Lovell
The Rich Old Lady
The Dying Cowboy
Billy Barlow
The Wild Rippling Water
Black Betty
Sam Bass
My Little John Henry
Ain't No More Cane on This Brazis
Long Summer Days
No More, My Lord
The MurdererĀ“s Home
Old Alabama - B.B. & Group
Test Strip
Black Woman - B.B. & Group
Whoa Buck - C.B.
Negro Prison Blues & Songs 01 - Murder's Home
St. James Hospital
JumpinĀ“ Judy - Tangle Eye, Fuzzy Red, Hard Hair, & group
Rosie - C.B. & axe gang
Mouth Music