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Albums by this artist:

Theme of Laura
Promise (Reprise)
Room of Angel
White Noiz
Theme of Laura (Reprise)
Null Moon
A World of Madness
Alone in the Town
The Day of Night
Laura Plays the Piano
Ordinary Vanity
Love Psalm
Prisonic Fairytale
Heaven's Night
Noone Love You
The Darkness that Lurks in Our Mind
Fermata in Mistic Air
Ashes and Ghost
Block Mind
Silent Hill
Overdose Delusion
You're Not Here
Angel's Thanatos
Pianissimo Epilogue
Never Forgive Me, Never Forget Me
Silent Heaven
Black Fairy
The Reverse Will
End of Small Sanctuary
Your Rain
Dance With Night Wind
Terror in the Depths of the Fog
Lost Carol
Please Love Me... Once More
Melancholy Requiem
A Stray Child
Float Up From Dream
Tender Sugar
Sickness Unto Foolish Death
Nightmarish Waltz
Innocent Moon
Maternal Heart
Clockwork Little Happiness
Rain of Brass Petals