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Try Again
More Than a Woman
Rock the Boat
One in a Million
Are You That Somebody
We Need a Resolution
Miss You
Back & Forth
I Care 4 U
If Your Girl Only Knew
At Your Best (You Are Love)
Age Ain't Nothing but a Number
4 Page Letter
Back and Forth
I Don't Wanna
Don't Know What to Tell Ya
The One I Gave My Heart To
Hot Like Fire
Extra Smooth
Never No More
Read Between the Lines
I Refuse
It's Whatever
Come Over
Got To Give It Up
I'm So Into You
At Your Best
Down With the Clique
U Got Nerve
I Can Be
Those Were the Days
Throw Your Hands Up
Come Back In One Piece
Loose Rap
No One Knows How to Love Me Quite Like You Do
What If
Street Thing
All I Need
I'm Down
Old School
Erica Kane
Young Nation
A Girl Like You
Don't Worry
I Miss You
Are You Feelin' Me
Everything's Gonna Be Alright
Giving You More